Chris Shires replaces Paul MacKenzie in Xentrix

Posted: October 29, 2013 in Xentrix
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British Thrash legends Xentrix made the surprise announcement that they have a new bass player. Chris Shires joined the band on the 25th of October and so far no explanation has been given as to why original bassist Paul MacKenzie has departed.  Xentrix have been on a high of late playing a string of major festivals and shows across Europe since announcing their return earlier this year.


This isn’t the first time an original member has left Xentrix as lead vocalist and guitarist Chris Astley left the band in 1995 and was replaced by Andy Rudd on guitar and Simon Gordon on vocals (who recorded the album Scourge)  before returning to the band for the 2006 reunion shows and subsequent 2013 reunion.

Former bassist Paul MacKenzie is most recognised for the iconic bass intro on “For Whose Advantage” which appeared on the 1990 classic album of the same name.

Xentrix are

  • Chris Astley – Guitar & Vocals
  • Kristian Havard – Guitars
  • Chris Shires – Bass
  • Dennis Gasser – Drums

Other info

  • Management – Factory Music Management and Agency Ltd
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